Head To Toe

Natural Whole Body Workouts

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If you’re dealing with chronic pain, immobility, lack of strength, endurance and coordination – then this app might be the way to your optimal fitness. The solution is moving your whole body smart!

Intelligent training

We’re here to provide professional help, by creating this Head To Toe Workout, based on our 10 years experience in physiotherapy, gymnastic and strength training, and also natural patterns and creative movement. It is our big passion.

Fitness for life!

It’s not only about big biceps and “six pack” abs any more…  It’s about intelligent training practice, that will support your life and not overwhelming it. The goal is long term optimal fitness – fitness for life.

Move your cells.

For lifetime benefits, we need to care about the whole body, and addressing also the weakest links. That is why in Head To Toe workouts we’re strengthening and mobilizing feet, ankles, knees, wrists, shoulders, hips, spine and literally toes, fingers and skin. It’s designed to nourish deep tissues of your body by involving as many cells of your body as possible.

“Better mover - better thinker.”

This “engagement of the whole body” requires sometimes creativity tasks – i.e. exercises where you struggle to find the best solution, movements that you can perform in many different ways, which provides conscious movement, nervous system proliferation and fun. And guess what – you become a better thinker as a side effect.

Train your body from head to toe!


It is simple as that! We don’t add any philosophy to our practice, we just want to help you build solid relation with movement, so it became a healthy habit for you, not a chore…

Get on board with us

… In this never ending movement journey!