Lean Startups Technically

My name is Michał Jankowski and I’m a software developer. Here I share my journey of lean startups and growing expertise as a software developer.



There is something special in shipping products that people use. I put significant pressure on validation, whether it is user engagement or paying for service.

I love to code, especially when I can create rules of development that serve the product. So I try to be close to code as it allows for cutting corners in my projects.

I place myself somewhere between Peter Levels (make it, ship it, validate it) and significant validation and getting paid clients upfront.

Software Development

Here I am documenting my path to specialist growth. It is focused on two aspects. 

First, an overall approach to software development process like good practices and architecture. Second, growing specialization in Python and React.

Even though most of my experience is in JVM, I decided to focus on Python. Its flexibility allows me to deliver value faster.