Hey, I'm a Full Stack Developer.

Hi, I’m Michael. I help companies and startups create and improve software. 

Why this?

I have been working for startups, big corporations, creating my own apps and hired people to do the code for me. I have been on each side.

All this experience allowed me to see clearly here I want to focus on – on creating software with great contact with business.

Key point for me is delivering business value, quality and maintability of code.


Technologie Stasck

I focus my expertise on Java, Spring, AWS, React. This is why I do not work in other technologies, and it allows me to bring highest value.

FYI –  I have wide experience (like Android, Kotlin, Python, PHP, React Native) but I’m 

How can I help you?


I can help in consultation on new or existing project. Discuss possible solutions for your business needs, 

Solution design

I can help you to design solution for your particular problem. From the functional, technical and non-functional view.

Project creation

I can help you with creating your project from scratch. If your project is small, or medium, it often can be better to find one good person instead of hiring few middle developers through an intermediary. Cost is reduced, communication provxy ald number of people also.


If your project has success but needs improvement in quality and maintability – I can help you with code and development process.

Adding functionality to existing platform

If you have already working solution and need aditional module or service to add to your current infrastructure, I can also help with that.

Suggest quality improvement

This means the code quality assurance, like automated tests approach, continous delivery and deployment.