Zombie Shooter – Demo Evolutions

Hey there!

If you found your way here it means you know that I am working on a zombie shooter mobile game 🙂

This game will be evolving based on your feedback. Once solid foundation will be laid, I will create more advanced and varied levels.

Main idea: You’re on the runs to fetch resources for your camp. You need to watch out on ammo – its not infinite!

Each week I will be releasing updates – you can help me by sending me your feedback fb.com/flowdev.io

Next release:

  • Additional audio fedback – zombie sounds, ground hit sound, zombie death sound, zombie attack sound, hit sound
  • Additional visual feedback – zombie health bar, player hit indicator, no mags/ammo indicator, headshot info
  • Game mechanics – some zombie will be faster

Ideas for later:

  • mags will be found in soldiers bodies
  • zombie/player hit timing fixes – so when zombie starts his attack you will still be able to run – if you manage to
  • 2 hits required for zombie to fall down